Why can't rahul gandhi figure out the winning combination?

The key query is why, throughout the past ten years, congress has been unable to come up with a winning recipe. This is clear from the report of the congress review committees. Report of the Antony Committee: Following the defeat in the 2014 lok sabha elections, sonia gandhi established a committee, which AK Antony chaired. avinash Pandey, RC Khuntia, and Mukul Wasnik were also on the committee in addition to Antony. By the end of 2014, this committee had sent sonia gandhi its report. The committee blamed the setback in its report on the lacklustre campaign, internal factionalism, and the main leaders' election strategy.

AK Antony informed reporters that rahul was not to blame for the loss after he gave the information to sonia Gandhi. The congress high command received numerous recommendations from the Antony Committee to resurrect the congress, according to reports in the media at the time. The following are the recommendations made by the Antony Committee to get congress back on track:

1. The state organization should provide a position for capable leaders. Large-scale coordination work ought to be done.

2. Strong leaders ought to embrace the mild Hindutva stance. One should take care not to be placated.

3. In order for the party to grow, grassroots leaders ought to be involved at all levels.

4. In order to prevent the wrong message from being transmitted at the last minute, ticket distribution should take place prior to the election announcement.

Report on Umashankar Dixit - Although this review report is rather old, Umashankar Dixit discussed the congress crisis in North india for the first time in it. Umashankar Dixit's report was delivered to the congress Working Committee following the 1989 defeat.

Congressman mani shankar Aiyar, who is close to the gandhi family, stated in a 2013 indian Express opinion piece that the congress never followed up on this claim. The party ignored this study as soon as it took office, which is why the base of support for the congress kept shrinking. The Dixit Committee had advised in its report that active congress workers be monitored, that elections be held at the state and block levels to prepare the organization, and that elections be held at the national level for all significant jobs. The Antony Committee had called Congress's organizational structure "sluggish" and claimed that the party's base of support was shrinking as a result of most employees constantly courting powerful politicians.

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