The chariots with bulls coming from jodhpur will circumambulate ayodhya carrying with them urns filled with

cow ghee and after that this ghee will be handed over to Shri ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. After this,

the urns containing cow’s ghee will be sent to Shri ram Janmabhoomi complex and will be used to light the

Akhand Jyoti burning in Shri ram temple and in the ram mandir Pran Pratishtha program.

Ghee chariots reached ayodhya at 11:00 pm

Champat Rai, General Secretary of Shri ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, said that inspiration arose in the

mind of a sadhu in jodhpur, Rajasthan, he had come 3 months ago. Here he had expressed his wish that he would

send the cow’s ghee to the cowshed of his ashram. jodhpur is the land of sacrifices of heroes. professor Mahendra

Arora and Setharam Mathania are residents of Mathania village. professor Mahendra Arora belonged to the Mali

family and Setharam mali was from Jodhpur. On november 2, 1990, both of them were shot near Digambar

Akhara. The son is the land of souls and from there the sadhu has sent cow ghee carrying a pot in bullock carts. He

reached ayodhya by bullock cart at 11:00 pm and entered Karsevak Puram in the morning. Maharaj ji has

expressed his wish that cow’s ghee should be taken around Panchkosi of Ayodhya. After the circumambulation of

all the Gods and Goddesses, these Kalash will come to Karsevak Puram. ram ji’s dedication will be accepted and

an urn will be sent to Ram’s birthplace. The lamp and life of god will be best used in the worship that is performed

at the time of consecration.

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