Tamilnadu weatherman: This is the situation in Chennai. people can vote without fear of the sun.

Tamil Nadu weatherman pradeep John posted today's weather in chennai on his social media page. tamilnadu weatherman pradeep John says south chennai people go and vote without fearing heat. tamil Nadu has been affected by heat since summer started. Especially since the last few days it has been too hot to go out. As a result, people are struggling to cope with the effects of the heat. As the sun is burning like this in april itself, it is expected that the effect of the sun will increase when the Agni Nakshatra starts in May. Accordingly, the india Meteorological Department has warned that heat waves may hit many states of the country from april to June. In tamil Nadu, the heat has exceeded 100 degrees Fahrenheit in many places for the past few days. Especially Tiruppathur, Erode, salem, Karur Paramathi, Namakkal, Madurai, Vellore, Dharmapuri, Palayangottai, and many other places are experiencing heat exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this situation, the lok sabha election polling is happening today for all the 39 constituencies in tamil Nadu. As the polling started at 7 am, political party leaders, screen celebrities, candidates and common people were all voting in this election. As of 1 pm, 40.05% of votes have been registered in tamil Nadu. While people were casting their votes regardless of the scorching sun, two people died in salem due to heatstroke. Although many facilities like Samiana pandal and water facility have been made to cool down the heat at the polling stations, the elderly have been advised to come and vote after 3 pm. In this context, tamil Nadu weatherman pradeep John has posted about today's weather situation in chennai on his social media page. In his post, “Temperature is now only 34-35 in South chennai and the coastal areas of the city. If you go 6-7 km from the sea you can vote without fear of sun. But at the same time West tambaram recorded 40.6, Thiruvekadu 40.3 and Poontamalli 40.1.” Did you mention that?

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