Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's "Gabbar Singh" movie was released on May 11th, 2012, to a crowded theatre and a roaring buzz, ending an almost decade-long wait for fans. The film was a box office success, and director Harish shankar rose to the top of the industry. Bandla Ganesh, who PK is claimed to have given the production project to in order to recoup his Teenmaar losses, produced the film.

Bandla Ganesh met director Harish shankar and presented him with a valuable gift to commemorate the film's tenth anniversary. He gave the director with an Omega Seamaster, which retails for about 4.71 lakhs. bandla ganesh used to give expensive gifts to people like puri Jagan, but his latest act has people wondering if he's planning another film with Harish Shankar.

Gabbar Singh, on the other hand, is a telugu remake of salman Khan's Dabangg, which has a lot of scenes from South cinema and is beautifully crafted because Harish's pen strength was at its peak. And with bandla ganesh raking in the cash at the time, the producer was bound to think of a method to honour Harish in this way. We must also recall Bandla Ganesh's stunning speech at the gabbar singh pre-release event, which is equivalent to a million-views viral video for the current audience. It's especially entertaining to witness Pawan's reactions to Ganesh's flattery and Chiru's shy glances in response to those remarks.

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