It is said that Vijayakanth has been hospitalized due to serious illness. As part of this, he is being treated in a private hospital in Chennai. However, when the matter of "Vijaykanth in hospital" came out, it is known that there is concern among his fans and especially among the key leaders of DMDK. It is said that they all went to the hospital.  It is known that Vijayakanth attended his birthday celebration held at the party office recently.

At that time, fans and activists were moved to tears when they saw the health condition of their favourite leader and favourite actor. Since then, Vijayakanth has been confined to his home. At this time the responsibilities of the party are being taken care of by his wife Premalatha who is the treasurer. In this background, he suddenly developed health problems once again and was rushed to the hospital. It is known that he is currently undergoing treatment. His health is said to be stable. 

On the other hand, false propaganda has started on social media about his health problems and current condition! DMDK office has come forward to put an end to these social media campaigns. As part of this, a statement was released about his health. It has been said that Vijayakanth has been admitted to the hospital as a part of normal medical tests. He will be discharged from the hospital in two days. Fans and activists need not worry! 

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