Media will apologize on december 3rd for false exit polls..!?

BRS party will win more than 70 seats, said ktr, the party's working president. He said these exit polls are nonsense. It has been explained that the media organizations that published false exit polls will have to apologize on december 3. It is known that the polling in telangana has reached its final stage. Polling is almost over. However, polling is still going on in some remote areas. Exit poll estimates are usually released after polling is over. However, CEO Vikas raj allowed exit polls to be released after 5.30 pm. As a result, the exit polls for telangana and the remaining four states' assembly elections have been released. BRS Working President ktr spoke on this occasion.
BRS Working President ktr said that it is not reasonable to reveal the exit poll estimates at a time when many people are still in the polling stations and are going to vote before the elections are over. He said that the exit polls are likely to affect those who are still in the polling stations. That is why he explained that if he contacted the media channels, they replied that the election commission had given them permission. ktr said that many exit polls were released in 2018 as well, but BRS has achieved great success. All these are nonsense and nuisance, he said. These exit polls are not to be believed. He clarified that the election commission will announce the results on december 3, then the BRS party will win more than 70 seats. He said that we think we will win more than 80 seats, but we will definitely win more than 70 seats.
So, ktr said that the predictions released by these exit polls will remain unrealistic. Ultimately, this will damage the credibility of the media organizations that publish those exit polls. They claim that the media organizations are damaging the public's trust in them by publishing these false exit polls. Moreover, he said that there will be a situation where these media organizations will have to apologize on december 3.

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