Telangana election Results: Just walking can make you sick!?

India ranks 106 out of 190 countries on the Human Development Index. Hence, it is clear that Padayatra politics helps politicians to understand the social and economic realities of the country and thereby formulate better policies that address those issues at the grassroots level. It is interesting that the march which has become a tradition in india since mahatma Gandhi's Dandi march has now become a tool to seize power. Will the power come to hand if we do padayatra..?.. Will the chief minister's chair be owned as Awali..?.. The incidents that happened in telugu states can be an example of that. From YS Rajasekhar reddy of yesteryear to today's revanth reddy, this is reinforced by many instances. They say that without telling the truth.

India is a sovereign republic. Largest democratic space. A call for constitutional governance. A land with a rich tradition of electing rulers by the people. Until a few years ago, elections were judged by the people based on the good and bad deeds of the governments. It used to happen across parties and regions. However, with time, there were also changes in the country's politics. The mindset of the people has also changed. They started promoting the method of tying crowns to those who came to their village and asked questions. It has become common for people to hand over power to a leader who is willing to listen to their grievances. With the emergence of the telugu desam party in the united andhra pradesh, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao initiated the chaitanya Rath yatra and initiated this policy. After that, it was YS Rajasekhar reddy who brought great changes in the country's politics with Padayatra instead of Ratha Yatra. They started the padayatra from Chevella in the united andhra pradesh and toured the field. In Andhra and telangana regions, he directly understood the problems of the people and comforted them. Result... congress came to power, YS continued as the chief minister of ap from the congress party till his death.
After that, before the 2014 elections, telugu desam party chief Chandrababu, coming from hindupuram in Anantapur district, went on a padayatra in the name of Meparach. Thus in 2014, tdp came to power in AP. Right before the 2019 elections, congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress party chief jagan Mohan reddy took a padayatra from his father YSR Samadhi at idupulapaya in Pulivendulu. During this padayatra from idupulapaya to Ichapuram, he got to know the problems of the people and became familiar with them. As a result, jagan created a record by winning 151 seats in the 2019 elections. In the same context, YS, Chandrababu, and Jagan.. all three have worked as Chief Ministers through padayatras and gained recognition.In the same vein, now in telangana T. congress leader revanth reddy also joined. It is known that after leaving the tdp and joining the T. congress, he decided to strengthen the party. Along with getting in touch with the people, criticism of BRS-KCR made revanth stronger. The opposition to the ruling party made T. congress stronger. It helped the T. congress to win the Casta 2023 assembly elections. If revanth Reddy's name is announced as chief minister, the Padayatra tradition will be repeated. Similarly, recently nara lokesh and rahul gandhi also went on a padayatra. While rahul is touring the country in the name of Bharat Jodo, nara lokesh is continuing his yatra in the name of Yuvagalam. It has become interesting to see what the results of their march in the lok sabha and ap assembly elections in 2024 will be.However, it is clear that for some time now, politicians have been using Padayatra as a tool for election campaigning. It helps to connect with people and gain insight into issues across constituencies. Of course, pedestrian politics is not just a policy. It is a philosophy. Attitudes of politicians represent attempts to listen to honest people. It helps to identify the distance between the political class and the electorate.

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