Chennai is under water, and there is no power supply...

According to independent weather forecaster tamil Nadu Weatherman, the rainfall that lashed chennai is the "biggest" since the floods of 2015. However, the rainfall was stopped at 8.30 am and reset for the following day. "If we take the event as a whole for 24 hours and for 48 hours, it would be 400 mm of rain," pradeep John continued. "Without the cut-off at 8.30 am, the rains would be 300+ in 24 hours." chennai is completely submerged under water due to the continuous rains. A number of the city's sections lack electricity. Normalcy is still severely impaired. It will take some time before things return to normal, as the weatherman is predicting rain through monday night.

On platform X, pictures of cars floating in a river near Pallikaranai, flooded Vadapalani arterial roads, severe flooding in Sembakkam, and numerous other areas of the city were visible. "A friend of mine lives in Brindavan Street, Mylapore. Her message is that we are sinking by the minute, have no electricity, and have no way out. Unless water from the street is pumped out, we are trapped inside our building," sneha rajeev wrote in a message posted on X.

The majority of journalists at the TNIE Online Desk have been having difficulties because of local flooding and a lack of electricity. 

Water leaks into Andrew Christie's home, causing him, his wife, and their young daughter to have restless nights for the past few days. His cellphone was not in use on monday night since most of the city was without power, making it impossible for gadgets to be recharged.

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