Gambhir crossed the line..? He spoke a bad word.?

 A big clash between gautam gambhir and sreesanth has erupted in the Legends League t20 cricket series. india Capitals - gujarat Giants in this cricket series featuring retired players from international cricket. An eliminator match was held between the teams. In this match, india Capitals captain gautham Gambhir was batting while sreesanth glared at him. In response, Gambhir hit a six and a four in the same over. After that, after sreesanth bowled the sixth over, gautam gambhir saw him and said something to him.

 Then the umpire and gujarat team captain parthiv patel reconciled. After the innings, sreesanth posted a video. He said that gautam gambhir bad-mouthed him and that even when he was playing for the indian team, he was confrontational with everyone. Virender Sehwag, who was the senior player in the team, would not listen. Similarly, when virat kohli was asked a question in a commentary recently, sreesanth was saying something else, leaving aside the fact that he did not answer it. In response, Gambhir shared a photo of himself laughing saying that some people should laugh when they act for publicity.  Retaliatory incident in the League of Legends match. As this matter has spread in the national media, sreesanth has actually said what Gambhir said and scolded him. He claims that Gambhir called him a "match-fixer" and used a bad word starting with the letter "F" in English, and he also used the same word on the umpire who came to stop him. It is noteworthy that even though a case was filed against sreesanth for match-fixing in the IPL series, the allegation was not proved in court.

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