3 days of rescue work..! What is the fate of those who fell in..?

'The workers have been trapped in the ditch for three days, the relatives have requested that the rescue operations be expedited'. The search operation for 2 workers who fell into the 80 feet ditch in Velachery, chennai is going on for the 3rd day. The agitation in the area continues as the relatives are protesting to demand their speedy recovery. Heavy rains in chennai due to Cyclone Michaung left many places inundated. people are suffering especially in Velachery, Madipakkam and Medavakkam areas as the rain water has not drained completely. In this case, 4 people accidentally fell into an 80-foot trench dug for construction work near an LPG petrol station on Five Furlong Road, Velachery. Out of which, 2 people have been rescued and the work of rescuing 2 more people is going on for the 3rd consecutive day.

National Disaster Response Force on search operation:

The tamil Nadu Firefighters along with the National Disaster Response Team are working hard to rescue the two. The workers have dug a hole there to lay the foundation for the building being built by a private company. In this case, due to the heavy rain due to the storm, the ditch dug on a small scale cracked and suddenly appeared as an 80 feet ditch. It is said that 4 people who were working there fell into the pit, but after a fierce struggle, two people were rescued.

What is the condition of the 2 people stuck in the hole?

The condition of the remaining 2 is not yet known as the rescue operation is ongoing. Rescue teams are engaged in the work of draining the water as the crater is surrounded by water. As it has been more than 2 days since they fell into the ditch, the relatives of the workers blocked the road in that area and started protesting.

Tamil Nadu Ministers KN. Nehru, Subramanian, stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin visited the place of the incident and speeded up the rescue operations, but the fact that the two who fell into the ditch have not been rescued has caused great sadness in the area. In this case, has the proper permission to construct the building been obtained? The police are collecting details including how many laborers were used to dig the ditch. The police are also investigating reports that the private company insisted on continuing the construction work even after the government warned of heavy rains.

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