Driven by the admirable efforts being made and inspired by the assistance provided by tdp General Secretary nara lokesh to the residents of the mangalagiri assembly sector in the guntur district, YSRCP leaders are steadily joining the TDP. While several people joined the tdp on Saturday, members of more than 600 households in the area joined on sunday as well, all in Lokesh's presence. 

On sunday, several people joined the tdp, including presidents of many organizations, members of the trust boards of several local temples, and several panchayat ward members. They are all in agreement that the YSRCP's days are numbered and that the TDP-Jana Sena alliance will soon establish the government to advance the State in all areas. 

With a warm welcome to every one of them into the tdp, lokesh urged them to collaborate to make mangalagiri the State's model assembly segment. On this occasion, several local tdp leaders were present, including Nandam Abadhiah, the coordinator of the mangalagiri section, Mummidi Satyanarayana, Nandam Abadhiah, Potineni Srinivasa Rao, and Tota Parthasaradhi.
 In the mangalagiri assembly sector in guntur district, the YSRCP is experiencing shock after shock as its leaders are leaving the party and becoming drawn to the TDP. The YSRCP leaders are prepared to leave the party and are turning to the tdp since they are well aware that the party is in trouble. The YSRCP could not have any cadre in the sector by the time the polls are declared because this has been a routine procedure.

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