In a recent interview, director maha -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>venkatesh maha appeared to get carried away by the heated conversation around the round table. At least such is the argument being made by some of his admirers on social media to support his "Neech Kamine" remarks regarding the "Rocky Bhai" character in KGF. As they continue to make fun of maha -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>venkatesh maha and the other directors who backed his claim, the others are having a field day. 

Although they claim he performed an excellent job with C/o Kancharapalem, this does not elevate him beyond other filmmakers. They stress that he cannot only assert that other filmmakers are ignorant of such matters. Fans of the kgf and unaffiliated moviegoers emphasize that while crafting ostensibly reasonable movies is OK, viewers always prioritize amusement above empowerment. One of them even cited a passage from the interview where kgf director prashant Neel made it clear that he explains how the rocky Bhai character in the film comes to be.

According to prashant Neel, rocky Bhai's mother affects her son and vents her wrath on him. No mother would ever say such to her kid. She has had a great deal of adversity in life, however, she is only dying now because she lacks money. She does, however, recall one aspect of her life: money. She claims she doesn't care how he lives his life, but she requests that he leave everything to his heirs when he passes away. It can be seen to be a careless statement. I'm referring to a persona. I'm not here to provide sermons. rocky as a result goes on to accomplish many significant things. Also, his mother is receiving attention as a result of his success. Everything his mother said would not have made sense if he turned out to be nothing.

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