Vanitha about her character in Naresh's movie..!?

In recent times there has been a lot of talk among the youth about the Sr. Naresh-Phavita connection. In the same order, the couple is acting in the movie. It is known that it is based on the real-life story of Naresh. The film also featured Naresh's third wife ramya Raghupathi. This role is played by Vanitha Vijay Kumar. But before playing the real-life role, did you take any necessary references from the director? Vanita's answer was shocking.
Vanita revealed that she does not know who ramya Raghupathi is and only knows Soumya Sethupathi. She said that her director MS Raju never told her who she was. Don't cry too much. Don't overact. Look natural on screen without makeup! Vanita revealed that she was only instructed to write and send her scenes in english every day so that they would be prepared and done. She used to do that because she could not read Telugu. She said that there is a powerful character but it is not revealed at all that the particular girl is a real-life character. She also said that she was not given any references. Soumya Sethupathi's role played by Vanita in the movie Malli Pelli received a good response. Vanitha says that even though the character has villainous shades, this character is powerful.

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