Parvathy and jayaram are Malayali's favorite star couple. After years of love, Jairam finally got Parvati. Children Malvika and Kalidas follow the path of their parents. Recently both of them announced their love through social media. After that, Kalidas's marriage was fixed a few days ago. Model Tarini is the future bride of Kalidas. Parvati openly says that now the marriage of her children will take place. Kalidas's marriage will not happen soon. Parvati said that Malvika's will be there soon. Parvathy was in thiruvananthapuram to attend actress karthi Nair's wedding. Parvathy was answering questions from journalists here.

Kalidas got engaged to Tarini Kalinga on november 10. Videos and photos of the ceremony attended by close relatives and friends were widely circulated on social media. After Kalidas, Malvika came to the arena introducing her boyfriend. Kalidas's movie 'Rajni' is getting ready for release. Saiju Kurup, namitha pramod and Reba monica John in lead roles will soon hit the theaters. The film is written and directed by Vinil Scaria Varghese. The film also stars srikanth Murali, Ashwin K Kumar, Vincent Vadkan, Karunakaran, Ramesh Khanna, pooja Ramu, Thomas G Kannampuzha, lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Shaun Romy and priyanka Sai.

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