Is the child in the wife's womb a boy? Is it a girl? Irrfan announced at the party - shocked fans

In India, it is illegal to reveal the name of the baby before it is born, YouTuber Irfan shocked by announcing the name of his baby.


YouTubers are now as popular as film and small screen stars. Irrfan is one of the famous YouTubers in tamil Nadu. He has more than 39 lakh subscribers on YouTube. Irrfan is earning several lakhs by uploading daily videos on YouTube. He got married last year.

irfans view

Irrfan, who is married to Alia, has been posting various videos on YouTube with his wife after marriage. Apart from that, Irrfan is also competing in the fifth season of the ongoing show Cook with Komali. In this situation, the YouTube video he released yesterday is becoming very viral on social media.

Youtuber Irfan

Because in that video, he is announcing whether the child he is going to have is a boy or a girl. Irrfan's wife Alia is currently pregnant. Irrfan is having a party to announce that they have a baby. A balloon shooting competition was held between the two when he said he wanted a girl and his wife Aaliya replied that she wanted a boy. It was Irrfan who won.

Irfan baby gender reveal party

Finally Irrfan announced that they are having a baby girl as per the scan results. In India, it is a crime to reveal the identity of a child before it is born, but how did Irrfan publish it? And therein lies the twist. He went to dubai with his family, where he had a scan and released information about his wife's unborn child. It is noted that there is permission for this.

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