Are Pakistani dramas better than indian dramas?

Pakistani actor fawad khan is known for his brilliant work in Pakistani tv dramas and his small but effective roles in some hindi films like 'Khoobsurat' and 'Kapoor & Sons'. In a recent interview, he talked about the popularity of Pakistani dramas in India. According to indian Express, fawad khan explained the difference between indian tv shows and Pakistani dramas. It also shed light on the reasons why Pakistani dramas are so popular among the indian audience. Fawad believes that indian tv shows are long and drawn out, whereas Pakistani dramas are short and focused on a specific story. This is the reason why indian audiences like Pakistani dramas because they end quickly and the focus of the story remains.

Are Pakistani dramas better than indian dramas? In response to this question, the actor said, "I am not saying anything on the script. But you calculate yourself. 26 episodes versus 500 episodes. If the story is short then obviously the quality will be good and the story will also become interesting. If you stretch the character for 1000 episodes, people will get bored at some point. This is the difference.

In the end it can be said that Pakistani serials have won the hearts of indian audiences.   These serials have all the elements of entertainment which the audience likes.   It is also true that some people have objections to these serials, but overall their popularity is increasing. That's why clips of their drama serials also go viral on social media.

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