Devaraju vamsi Krishnam Raju, a second-year BTech CSE (AI & ML) student at GITAM school of technology in Hyderabad, has received recognition from the Harvard World Records, London, for his work on an AI Conversational Bot that he dubbed "Adhvika." Raju invented the Adhvika AI Conversational Bot, which makes use of cutting-edge technology to enable logical and interesting discussions.

It is a ground-breaking voice assistant with a cutting-edge language model that is intended to transform how we manage our jobs and increase productivity. Adhvika smoothly fits into our daily routine and has a wide range of characteristics that make many chores easier and increase productivity.

Adhvika is a reliable partner, according to Raju, helping with everything from creating and sending emails to setting reminders and organizing work schedules. "Bypass manual typing and let Adhvika draft emails with perfect accuracy, freeing you up to concentrate on the content and ensuring clear communication. Adhvika will convert our thoughts into well-structured and professionally formatted files, whether it's a Word document or a PDF, saving us valuable time and effort," he said, adding that Adhvika could also help with organizing one's daily agenda, tracking appointments, and setting timely reminders.

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