A shock to all government teachers on vacation..!?

It is becoming a norm for government employees to take extended leave when they feel that some of them will not be able to attend to their duties. It is whether central government employees or state government employees can use these holidays at their convenience. It seems that the uttarakhand government has taken a crucial decision regarding such people. It seems that you want to identify all the teachers who are on leave for more than 6 months and make them voluntarily retire. Because the government has recognized that the situation is casting blue shadows on the future of the students due to them. Actually, Uttara Khand as we know it consists of hilly areas.
  The teachers who are supposed to perform duties in some such areas are silently taking care of their work by taking long leave with the intention of not being able to go there. Some are getting a salary in the name of medical leaves and some are not getting a salary... they apply for leave and take care of their work. Such people also create hurdles in the recruitment process. Because they are counted under the employees who are on leave. So it seems that this issue has come to the fore when the government has recently conducted a review as the pass percentage of government employees has not increased.
  If we calculate the total number of people in this background, it is concluded that there are more than 150 such people. All of them are likely to be asked to take voluntary retirement soon. It seems that reports have been received by government officials that the vacations of government employees are definitely affecting the education of the students. And if the governments of other states also take this matter seriously, it will be a check for all such people.

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