Documents of about 29 residential and agricultural plots located at different places in the name of the accused

and his family members have been recovered. Whose market value is being estimated in crores of rupees. About

37 tola gold jewellery, 1 kg 500 gram silver and cash have also been recovered from the house and bank lockers

of the accused. Additional director General said that under the direction of acb Deputy Inspector General Dr.

Ravi, continuous search operations are going on at the locations of the accused by various teams of acb, in

which there is a possibility of unearthing more assets. A case of amassing disproportionate assets has been

registered against the accused and advance investigation is being done in the matter.

The son of the deceased engineer had made allegations

UIT was also accused of building a bell on the river front. dhananjay Arya, son of deceased engineer Devendra

Arya, had alleged that the accident happened while taking out the bell from the mold box. In which contractor

engineer Devendra arya and his colleague Chhotu were killed. In this case, UIT officials were continuously

pressurizing to open the hours early. dhananjay alleged that officials were pressurizing him to open the bell

before the elections.

Engineer's death just an accident

However, XEN Kamal meena rejected the allegations and said that the talk of creating pressure is false.

According to the contract, the work was to be completed in the year 2022, but Devendra arya delayed the work.

Some boxes were removed even before Diwali. The remaining boxes were asked to be removed after Diwali.

Regarding the death of engineer Devendra arya and his colleague, he said that it was just an accident.

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