AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami has criticized the Booth Committee meeting held in salem saying that what is happening in tamil Nadu is not a Dravidian model government but a Tantra model government. 500 Muslim people in salem district joined AIADMK under the leadership of AIADMK general secretary Edappadi Palanichamy. Following this, he offered prayers along with the Muslims at the Edappadi Palaniswami Mosque. While he was speaking, the chief minister of tamil Nadu had announced during the election that he would implement 520 promises if the DMK comes to power. It has been two and a half years since DMK came to power. But the benefits that people got under the DMK regime is questionable.

And he is falsely saying that he has fulfilled all 520 announcements after fulfilling some of the promises announced during the election. This is the world of science, and people are not ready to listen to anything. In particular, the DMK government has fulfilled 100 percent of its election promises. The chief minister of tamil Nadu is hiding whole pumpkin in rice. DMK's two-and-a-half-year rule has been a record of looting in every department.

40 percent price hike in tamil Nadu. How can the poor and simple people live? The chief minister of tamil Nadu does not know that the livelihood of the people is in question. He is talking about the people of tamil Nadu living happily. He is not aware of the hardships of the people, especially the cost of the shirts, sarees, etc. worn by the common people. All the daily necessities have gone up in price by 40 percent. tamil Nadu chief minister stalin did not know about this. He said that the AIADMK is aware of all the difficulties and sufferings of the people as they are living with the people.

People lived happily during 10 years of AIADMK rule. The puppet chief minister in the DMK regime is not concerned about the people. The DMK leader sees Stalin's family as people and family members as people. It's the people in the family; To come to office, they are looting what is already monotonous. Now Udayanidhi is trying to bring stalin as the Chief Minister; Surely this will not happen. DMK leader said that people are chanting Badatapadu because stalin is the Chief Minister. Only during the reign of the king, succession politics will continue, similarly in the DMK regime, karunanidhi, followed by Mukherjee stalin, now Udayanidhi is looking to come as Inpanadi. DMK is not the party; He also criticized a corporate company.

Udhayanidhi Stal's son Inba nidhi may not even be of voting age; But the present senior ministers are praising him. This is the fun. In the AIADMK regime, mgr and jayalalitha considered the people as their children. It was leaders like mgr and jayalalitha who considered the problems of the people and solved them. AIADMK continues to carry out the work left behind by such great leaders.

DMK will dare to do anything if it wants power. Like a monkey leaps from tree to tree, the DMK has leapt to office with every alliance. belonging to the stalin family; He also criticized that they cannot sleep without being in power for at least one day.

Can DMK leader stalin say that one day the party's volunteers can be the Chief Minister? He questioned. But as far as AIADMK is concerned, even an ordinary charity general secretary can get there, in DMK only members of the karunanidhi family can get the highest position. He said that there should be an end to the monarchy and family rule.

AIADMK will not change even a single point from the policy laid down by mgr and Jayalalitha. As far as AIADMK is concerned, there is no caste, religion or caste; everyone can be considered as one. He proudly said that the president of AIADMK is a Muslim. The party that supported Abdul Kalam for the presidency was AIADMK; But the DMK party voted against Abdul Kalam. Due to the situation, the DMK chief criticized stalin for acting.

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