Despite the severe cold in madhya pradesh, the exit poll has created heat in the political circles. Devotees from

across the country and state who reached the court of the famous Jyotirlinga Lord Mahakaleshwar claimed the

formation of the bharatiya janata party government. Apart from this, many devotees also claimed victory of

congress in the assembly elections. Some devotees present on the spot also believe that the exit poll will prove

to be correct. After the exit poll of madhya pradesh assembly elections, the atmosphere is being created in favor

of congress but still people are claiming for the formation of bharatiya janata party government. krishna Pal

Singh, who came from Bhopal, the capital of madhya pradesh, to visit Mahakal, said, This time again BJP

government will be formed in Madhya Pradesh. Farmer Radheshyam, who reached ujjain from Harda, said that

there is a close contest in Harda but the government in madhya pradesh will be formed by Bharatiya Janata

Party. shiva devotees have completely rejected the exit poll.

Exit poll figures will be correct

Most of the devotees who reached Mahakaleshwar temple said that bharatiya janata party government will be

formed in madhya pradesh, while some devotees also advocated Congress. Farmer pradeep Patel, who reached

ujjain from Rajgarh, said that this time the farmers want change. He claimed that the next government in

madhya pradesh will be formed by Congress. Similarly, Harish Singh, who reached ujjain from Khategaon,

while advocating the exit poll data, said that congress is going to win in madhya pradesh this time. This time the

exit poll figures being shown for the state will prove to be correct.

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