In the assembly elections held in five states before the lok sabha elections, bjp has won with majority in 3 states.

Samajwadi party chief akhilesh yadav had taunted on the defeat of congress in madhya pradesh and said that

with the defeat, the arrogance of congress has also ended. Taking aim at this, Uttar Pradesh deputy cm Keshav

Prasad Maurya said that along with congress, Akhilesh Yadav’s ego has also ended. While talking to the media, he

said that the arrogance of congress should also end and akhilesh yadav should also end because he also has a lot

of ego. Along with this, he made a big claim and said that bjp is going to win all the 80 lok sabha seats of Uttar

Pradesh in the lok sabha elections 2024. What is Akhilesh saying for Congress? bjp has nothing to do with what

Congress is saying about Akhilesh.

Big claim made regarding lok sabha elections

He further said that in the 2019 lok sabha elections, Samajwadi party, BSP, congress and Rashtriya Lok Dal had

contested the elections together against the NDA. Despite this, bjp received 51 percent votes in Uttar Pradesh and

won 64 seats. This time bjp is going to win all 80 lok sabha seats.

Congress accused of corruption

On the statement made by a bjp leader that congress MP rahul gandhi has become Yamraj from Yuvraj, Deputy

CM Keshav Maurya said that he does not use such language and he does not use disrespectful words towards any

party. Respect and honor everyone personally. He said that we have promised to create a corruption-free India,

corruption was at its peak during the congress period, whereas hooliganism was at its peak during the Samajwadi

Party. Today, work has been done to eliminate hooliganism from Uttar Pradesh. There was no electricity during

the SP government and there is no electricity supply during the bjp government.

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