It is known that recently the issue of moonlighting (doing two jobs at the same time) is becoming a hot topic of discussion. Especially the giant tech companies are strongly focused on this matter. It is already known that the tech giant Infosys has issued a strict warning to its employees that those who are doing two jobs at the same time will be fired.

Again now a sensational decision has been taken. At this juncture, as wipro stopped work from home and called the employees to come to the office, the employees who were doing two jobs started to worry. It has issued orders that its employees should come to the office for any three days from october 10, Monday, Tuesday, thursday, and Friday. To this extent, wipro has sent mail to its employees. In the e-mails sent to wipro employees, wipro stated that this decision was taken to create a friendly work environment among employees while continuing the hybrid work system. 'Wipro follows a flexible hybrid approach in our return to office policy. From october 10, employees in leadership roles will have to return to offices three times a week. wipro has disclosed in its e-mail that the offices will be available for employees on Monday, Tuesday, thursday and Friday.

However, the IT sector employees union (NITEs) is objecting to this decision taken by Wipro. Harpreet Saluja, President of Nascent Information technology Employees Senate (NITES), an IT sector employees union, responded to the mail sent by wipro to the employees asking them to come to the office. He denied that the e-mail was suddenly sent to wipro employees. He opined that the company should have sent the mail a month ago. He said that the employees had the flexibility to reach the places they needed to go. Also, it would have been better if wipro had taken into consideration the opinions of the employees. Meanwhile, following in the footsteps of wipro Infosys, last September, another IT company, tcs also decided that employees should come to the office three days a week. As part of the return to office policy, the team leaders have been instructed to discuss with the HR team department and take a decision. Moonlighting controversy is raging in IT companies. It is known that companies have issued warnings to IT employees who are doing two jobs at the same time.

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