Minister M. Subramanian has said that the National Medical Commission has given permission to extend the accreditation of chennai Stanley and Dharmapuri Medical Colleges for 5 years.

Speaking to reporters in chennai in this regard, he said, "Last 15 days ago, the National Medical Commission inspected the medical colleges in tamil Nadu and found minor defects like CCTV cameras and biometrics and sent notices regarding cancellation of accreditation of Stanley Medical college chennai, Trichy and Dharmapuri Medical college Hospitals. .

A team comprising Secretary of our Department, director of Medical education was sent to delhi and explained. It was explained that since it is summer season, doctors use their available vacations to go abroad, therefore, it would not be right to cancel the recognition of a college for this purpose.

Also, the National Medical Commission team inspected Stanley Medical college, chennai and Dharmapuri Medical college directly and through videos for the last two days. By this they have withdrawn the attacks they sent to Stanley government Medical college Hospital and Dharmapuri government Medical college and have declared that there is no obstacle to extend the accreditation of these colleges for another 5 years. A written notification will be issued soon. Regarding Trichy Medical college, examination will be conducted tomorrow through video. Once that study is completed, it will be resolved," he said.

Earlier, the junior Medical Board had issued notices to government Stanley Hospital, Trichy government KAP Viswanathan Medical college and Dharmapuri government Medical college citing deficiencies in biometric attendance record and unsatisfactory CCTV cameras. Due to this, there has been a loss of 500 MBBS seats in these colleges.

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