Animal, starring ranbir kapoor, rashmika mandanna, anil kapoor, and bobby deol, has finally entered cinemas, and the first social media comments have begun. Ranbir's performance in Sandeep reddy Vanga's Animal seemed to have wowed the crowd. Early internet reviews have been very favorable, with netizens lavishing Ranbir with praise and dubbing the film a "mega-blockbuster."

A user wrote on X, “What electrifying performances by ranbir kapoor and bobby Deol! The Action is so blockbuster! Direction, BGM everything is a masterclass.” (sic) Another one shared: “This movie Becomes the Greatest indian movie after Gangs of Wasseypur. I loved it ranbir kapoor, anil kapoor Did a Great Job, especially bobby Deol. Action Scenes are Epic and the Last Climax scene is Mind Blowing.” (sic) A third user wrote: “Best acting by Ranbir Kapoor. bobby deol MASS CLASS. ONE OF THE BEST ACTION movie WITH DIFFERENT KIND OF MESSAGE. Must watch interval there is a surprise.” (sic)

The trailer for Animal established a very high standard. According to the most recent figures, the film has sold 7,45,992 tickets for a total of 12,539 performances. According to, Animal has already generated almost Rs 20 crore in advance booking. While 5,75,197 tickets were sold for the hindi performances, 1,63,361 tickets were acquired for the telugu performances.

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