Telangana election Polling is concluded. The fates of the candidates and parties are locked in the EVM machines, which will not be opened until december 3rd. Exit polls conducted by various organizations and television channels will provide us with an indication of what is going on. Almost all exit polls show congress with a clear majority or as the single largest party. Simultaneously, most surveys predict that BRS will not be devastated and will receive a competitive figure.

So, what happens if there is a Hung? A Hung situation is an unprecedented occurrence in telugu history. But, based on what we've seen so far, BRS has more friends than Congress. BRS and mim are already dating. However, it will be fascinating to observe how mim reacts if BRS also requires the BJP's assistance. The bjp will most likely not join the government but will provide outside support to the BRS to guarantee that one more state in the South does not go the way of the Congress.

The question is whether mim will accept it or stand with Congress. If the bjp and mim are on opposite sides, the number game will get more fascinating. The alliance between mim and congress is not new. mim was always with congress before to 2014. And junior Owaisi has already stated that mim will collaborate with congress to ensure the protection of minorities. There is also the chance of MLAs horse-trading. As a result, the congress Party will relocate all of its MLAs to Karnataka. In the event of a Hung on december 3rd, telangana politics would witness some extremely fascinating situations.

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