Following a commotion at delhi airport on friday caused by a 7-hour delay in their Spicejet flight, the airline stated, "The flyers were duly informed about the changes in schedule." On friday afternoon, a group of customers flying from delhi to patna got into an altercation with Spicejet officials about the delay. According to the airport Authority, officials responded to the incident and later reassured the passengers.

"At approximately 3:10 p.m. today, it was discovered that a group of passengers bound for patna on Spicejet airline flight no. SG-8721/STD were causing a nuisance at domestic boarding gate 54." When questioned, it was discovered that the aircraft had been delayed for more than 7 hours due to an inbound flight. As a result, the gang became irritated and began harassing airline personnel at the B/Gate area. The airport Authority stated, "The same was communicated to B/G I/C, who responded at the location and pacified the matter along with QRT."

In response to the event, Spiceget said in a statement that the timings were adjusted yesterday night and that passengers were "duly informed" of the change. "Today's SpiceJet flight SG 8721 from delhi to patna has already arrived at its destination." The flight's departure schedule was altered last night, and passengers were advised of the updated departure time at 12.40 a.m. last night so that they may plan their trip to the airport appropriately," according to a Spicejet statement.

A video of a female passenger ranting at a SpiceJet staffer went viral earlier this month, and it was also due to a flight delay.

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