Michaung Storm: When does it form? At what speed?

A new low-pressure area formed over the Bay of bengal is likely to become a storm in 24 hours.

- The low-pressure area over the Southwest Bay of bengal has strengthened as the Northeast Monsoon has intensified in tamil Nadu. It will gradually strengthen to become a severe storm in 24 hours and make landfall as Cyclone Michaung.

- The india Meteorological Department has said that the storm will make landfall between chennai and Mazulilan. It is said to cross the coast on december 5.

- The low-pressure area over the Bay of bengal is located 630 km from puducherry and Chennai.
- Its next moves will be towards North tamil Nadu and South Andhra Pradesh. However, the path of Cyclone Michaung could not be precisely calculated so far.

- The Michaung storm is also likely to cross the coast between nellore and Masulipatnam if it moves northwards.

- The tamil Nadu government has issued a severe warning to fishermen due to the Michaung storm. Fishermen in the sea have been advised to return to the shore and none of the fishermen should go into the sea.

- In the last 24 hours in tamil Nadu, a maximum rainfall of 5 cm has been received in Ambattur, Velangkanni, Thalaignayiru, and Kodumudi, according to the Meteorological Department.
- A part of the storm is expected to enter the coastal areas of chennai, Chengalpattu, and Tiruvallur districts as Cyclone Mikjam approaches tamil Nadu. Due to this, there will be heavy rain with stormy winds.

- A red alert has been issued for the district as there will be more damage in Tiruvallur district when the Michaung storm makes landfall.

- chief minister M. K. stalin has ordered a total of 12 districts in tamil Nadu to be on alert.

- chief minister Mukherjee stalin has directed the power sector to prevent power leakages and take precautionary measures to prevent electrical accidents.
- The chief minister has instructed the Collectors of 12 districts including Ranipet and Tirupattur to speed up the storm damage precautions and form teams to repair the storm damage.

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