For the first time since the state's inception, revanth reddy has led the congress party to victory in Telangana. Since 2014, the BRS government has done some solid work on the ground, but it did not stand a chance. people used to think there was no congress in telangana till recently, but the party is now in control. So, what caused this? This is the result of BRS's self-destruction paired with Congress's flawless exploitation of the opportunity.

BRS's demise began almost immediately after the 2018 election when kcr went three months without a government. The conduct appeared to be an insult to the voters and demonstrated KCR's arrogance. The electorate responded instantly with a startling outcome in the lok sabha election. Even then, kcr had learned nothing. Despite the public outrage, he maintained his attitude. The chief minister continued to reside at pragathi Bhavan or the Farm House, making himself fully unavailable to the public. There were some surprises, such as Dubbaka and Huzurabad, but the chief minister ignored them.

BRS was meant to benefit from the Rythu Bandhu and Dalit Bandhu initiatives. Rythu Bandhu makes the wealthy even wealthier. people couldn't get over the reality that even people with 1000 acres were receiving government support. The final nail in the coffin is Dalit Bandhu. Every Dalit family was promised assistance worth ten lakh rupees. Because of the large sum, all of the Dalits cannot be helped, which harms the remaining Dalits. Also, the impoverished of the other castes were enraged because they did not have their own Bandhus. As a result, the idea pleased few and enraged many.

Even yet, kcr did not perceive a threat. The bjp looked to be dangerous, but kcr became comfortable because it has little presence in most regions of the state. Nobody took the congress seriously until the karnataka elections. The karnataka results provided the telangana congress a big boost. people are suddenly optimistic that congress can win. revanth reddy seized the chance with both hands at this point. We've seen him tour the state under one identity or another, reaching out to the people. congress planned its campaign in such a way that it reached out to those who had been overlooked during the BRS era. revanth reddy found common ground with students, the jobless, and those preparing for the Groups.

Congress created a manifesto in the form of Six Guarantees that was appealing to the people who benefited from KCR's Schemes. The overall anti-incumbency after ten years, KCR's aloofness from the people, KTR's arrogance, the usual desire for change, and revanth Reddy's campaign as a credible option all contributed to a shift in the state's climate. trs renamed themselves BRS to make kcr Desh Ki Neta look haughty to the public. When you abandon telangana, the whole basis for your being, you should expect problems, and the trouble has arrived.

KCR crafting the Manifesto only by expanding on Congress' commitments made BRS appear desperate. The retention of the majority of the Old MLAs harmed BRS's chances even more. According to accounts, MLAs and municipal leaders have become corrupt and unapproachable to the public. revanth reddy, on his part, did well to seize the chance that presented itself. Fortunately for him, the party's senior leaders lacked confidence and were solely concerned with their respective areas or districts. This aided revanth Reddy's rise to the position of state leader. The arrest of chandrababu naidu and how the BRS government handled the situation aided the congress party.

The accident with the medigadda barrage turned the narrative against the BRS. Ponguleti and Tummala wiped out BRS in the khammam district. Then there's sunil Kanugolu's great campaign for Print, TV, YouTube, and Social Media. The video quickly went viral, establishing a narrative in favour of Congress. Everything worked out in the end, and victory was achieved.

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