Today is Chandrababu Naidu's birthday, the former chief minister. Only a few days remain until the assembly Elections. Chandrababu's career has seen a great deal of activity in the past year. He was involved in fictitious cases and spent over 50 days in jail. andhra pradesh needs Babu more than ever, despite the claims of many that if Naidu is not voted to power, the politics of vendetta will intensify manyfold. andhra pradesh is still suffering from the effects of the split. The state is pushing on with a deficit budget while lacking capital.

After the split, the ap voters became concerned and chose Naidu. andhra pradesh has the issue of only remembering Chandrababu at dire times. They sensed the need in the heat of the split. However, ap is not a state that will suddenly regress. Before a collapse of this kind, there is always a cushion. Chandrababu also made a few hasty adjustments. industries that have visited ap include Kia, Foxconn, Medtech Zone, and others. polavaram was meant to be a temporary solution, and substantial advancements have been made in Polavaram. The building of amaravati has begun.

There was a perception that the state's situation was not worse. Thus, in 2019, the public did not sense a squeeze and gave jagan Mohan reddy a chance. Andhra Pradesh's buffer is gradually being worn down, and there is no emphasis on making investments or building new infrastructure. With thoughtless gifts and little chance of growing profits, the financial situation was driven into the red zone. Unless there is a crisis manager in place for the next five years, the bubble will pop very soon. To right the ship, getting financing, completing polavaram, and luring further investors to generate jobs should be the top priority.

Over the past five years, Jagan's worldview has made it quite evident that he is indifferent to and ignorant of these issues. jagan would only concentrate on dodging responsibilities if Naidu is not given a chance right now, and the state will implode at any moment. Should jagan be elected, he would receive the misguided message that people only care about handouts and have no interest in progress. Unimaginable repercussions would follow for a progressive state such as Andhra Pradesh. Nobody can save the state after that.

It doesn't matter what happens to Chandrababu and tdp if they aren't given an opportunity. Parties and politicians may appear and disappear. However, the result of this election might affect millions of people as well as the destiny of a state. If the people make the incorrect choice, andhra pradesh will be lost forever between 2024 and 2029. It is hoped that when voters cast their ballots on May 13th, they will keep it in mind.

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