Indicators of high blood sugar in the hands and skin...

Fluctuations in blood sugar are common in diabetic patients, but too much increase or decrease in it is harmful. It can affect from eyes to other parts of the body. However, before its high or low level, some signs are visible from the hands to the skin. Identifying these and taking immediate treatment after estimating high blood sugar can reduce its effects.

Some people ignore these signs due to lack of knowledge or don't pay much attention considering it as a common problem, but these are actually signs of high blood pressure, let's know about symptoms...

Pale red or brown marks on the hands

When blood sugar is high, yellow red or brown marks start appearing in the hands. They start with small scars, but after that they spread badly. In these, there is slight swelling and the skin becomes hard. In such a situation, understand that it is a sign of high blood sugar.

Skin color becomes darker

This sign of diabetes is more visible near the armpit or elbow in the hand. In this, the color of the skin changes to purple and becomes darker. This means less insulin in the blood. One indication of pre-diabetes is this.

Thick and tough skin too heavy

If the empty space around the fingers of the hand has become thick and tight, then it is a symptom of high blood pressure. It looks like the back of the palm. Due to diabetes, the skin in the arms also becomes thick and hard.

Skin infection on hands

Frequent itching and skin infection on the hands is a sign of high blood pressure. This infection causes irritation, swelling and pain in the skin.

Wound healing

Due to diabetes, any wound in the body does not heal quickly. Because of this, the high level of blood sugar creates problems in its recovery.

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