In a little over a day, Nani's dasara will be released in theatres. The stakes are very high for this action drama because it is Nani's most expensive endeavour to date. When it comes to hindi box office, dasara is released at a time when bollywood box office is experiencing a dry spell. dasara will also compete with ajay Devgan's Bholaa, the hindi version of Karthi's hugely successful movie Khaithi. Although Bholaa is only playing on one screen, there aren't likely to be many prior reservations.

According to the current pattern, dasara is a rustic action drama, which is a genre that is especially popular with the hindi audience. dasara will need to connect with audiences in a similar manner to Kanthara and Karthikeya, who worked slowly but generated very impressive theatrical returns in the North. In Hindi-speaking markets, nani tried his best to promote the movie, but a well-known name like karan johar would have undoubtedly been helpful.

Dasara will have three weeks to develop before the 21 april release of salman Khan's Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. One factor will be the lack of well-known faces for the hindi public. But the novelty and the attraction to all people really matter here. If all of these requirements are met, dasara may enjoy success in the profitable hindi market. The material is appealing to the tamil market in particular. If Dasara's content is truly excellent, the tamil industry should see a respectable run.

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