Bobby Simha's lawyer has said that after asking the people who had taken money in crores and built a substandard house and cheated them, they threatened them with political background.

While a case has been registered at the kodaikanal police Station that actor bobby Simha has threatened to kill the construction contractors of a house to be built in kodaikanal, bobby Simha's lawyer Balasubramaniam met the press at the chennai press Forum. While actor bobby Simha is building a house in kodaikanal, the building contractors are building the house in a substandard manner. While actor bobby Simha had signed a contract to build a house for 1 crore 30 lakh rupees with the building contractor Jameer, who was introduced by Usain, a person with a political family background, Usain and Jameer received the money and pressed for an additional 40 lakhs when the house was not completely completed.

We filed a complaint at the kodaikanal police Station and the police delayed filing the case due to political background, so we went to the court and filed a case. As a result, the police accepted the false complaint filed by Usain and Jameer that the actor bobby Simha had threatened the construction contractors and filed a case. The police, which delayed the time when we filed the complaint, went to the court and filed the case, but after 10 days, they immediately accepted the complaint. Following this, actor bobby Simha's lawyer, who accused him of having constructed a substandard house worth 58 lakhs 50 and defrauded him of about 1 crore 11 lakh 50 rupees, has said that the money should be returned.

Also, Usain threatened actor bobby Simha by sending a text message saying 'You may be a villain in cinema, but we are real villains' and alleged that such mods were taking place in the political backfield of former mp Arun and Velachery mla Asan Maulana. This incident has created a stir now.

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