Bandaru Satyanarayana, a top tdp official, was taken into custody by ap police. He has been the target of police attempts to arrest since this morning. Due to Bandaru Satyanarayana's disgusting remarks made towards ycp minister Roja, he was detained. Bandaru attacked Roja personally multiple times. Bandaru was detained in connection with cases 41A and 41B. After a high-stakes incident at his home, the cops ultimately succeeded in arresting him by breaking down the doors.

Selvamani, Roja's husband, reacted angrily to Bandaru's remarks, arguing that they were too personal and portrayed Roja in an unfavorable way. He also requested that Bandari present the evidence and divulge all the information. For the first time, Roja also reacted and remarked that if someone who had served a respected minister was speaking in such a crude way and offending a man's modesty, then his upbringing and culture should be called into question. She also stressed the need for law enforcement to deal with disrespectful people.

On Monday, october 2, tension persisted outside the home of former andhra pradesh minister and telugu desam party (TDP) leader Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy days after he made a number of sexist, derogatory statements against minister RK Roja. On september 27, Bandaru said something that caused a commotion when he referred to Roja, the head of the YSRCP, as "a woman of the street." He said that he had her sexual recordings and threatened to release them in order to "drive Roja and her husband to suicide" if she continued to disparage incarcerated former chief minister Chandrababu Naidu and his family.

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