Edappadi Palaniswami came to the post of chief minister by crawling. So all his speeches and statements are baseless and childish like a creeping child. In response to Edappadi Palaniswami's criticism regarding dengue fever, Public Welfare minister M. Subramanian has given a reply. In that, Edappadi Palanichamy in his report on dengue today is confused as Arudam even claims that "there are reports of dengue fevers invading government hospitals". Edappadi Palaniswami says that the next camps should be held like Jayalalitha's rule. 10 monsoon special medical camps have been announced starting from 29.10.2023 to 30.12.2023 and the target of 1000 camps per week has been announced, unprecedented in the history of the medical sector.

As an achievement exceeding the target, 5000 camps should have been held in the 5-week monsoon special medical camps held so far. But 10,576 camps have been conducted. 5,21,853 people have participated and benefited from it. Without knowing this, he is trying to politicize the medical field keeping in mind the upcoming parliamentary elections. What is funny about this is that during Jayalalitha's regime, the peak of dengue in 2012 affected 13,204 people and 66 people died.

After that, more dengue cases crept up in 2017 and during Edappadi's rule, the number of cases was 23,294, and the death was 65. According to the instructions of the Hon'ble tamil Nadu chief minister, the medical department has carried out 3,57,612 tests since january 2023 and 7133 people have been infected since January.

I have been informing in my daily press conference that the number of people under hospital treatment is 537 and 10 people have died. Those of us who know how to do politics or run the government according to the instructions of the Hon'ble tamil Nadu chief minister, the hero of the Dravida model government, let us bow down or bow down. We are the ones who don't know how to be creepy.

Edappadi says that the medical department and the local government department should work together to remove the stagnant water and prevent the spread of dengue. 862.56 km worth of Rs.2,899.09 crore works have been completed in Metropolitan chennai Corporation alone after DMK rule in 2021 and rainwater drainage works are underway for 369.60 km worth of Rs.1894.59 crore. in this situation. There is continuous rain and the lake and pond are full and not a drop of water is standing on the road. Ignorant of this, they say that no one in the world excelled Goebbels in consciously presenting a falsehood and convincing it to be true. So does Goebbels, the father of illusions.

He should change position. minister of health and People's Welfare, M. Subramanian, said in a statement that the politics of vandalism should be avoided in the future, on the hospitals used by lakhs of poor and humble people and on the medical sector, which are being served for the sake of vote politics.

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