As per report nandakumar said that the inauguration ceremony of 'Bridging South' will be held in delhi on december 12 and many central ministers are expected to attend it. Speaking to a news agency about this, nandakumar said, "The 'Bridging South' inauguration ceremony will be held in delhi on december 12. This will be an event that will break the ideology behind the 'Cutting South' event. india is united from north to south." "Bharat is mentioned in the Vedas from himalayas to Samudra. Culturally and spiritually we are one. But lately separatists are trying to divide Bharat," he said.

Meanwhile nandakumar also said that there is some false propaganda behind the 'Cutting South' event. "This is definitely dividing the common people," said nandakumar, adding that "Delhi ignores the southern states, kerala and tamil Nadu which contribute more revenue than other states and yet get less growth are being falsely campaigned."

Answering a question about the important personalities participating in the Bridging South event, nandakumar said, "The Defense minister has agreed to come. Ministers nitin gadkari, rajeev Chandrasekhar, V. Muralitharan and others will participate." 'Cutting South' was launched last march as a celebration of good media with a focus on South india and the Global South. This ceremony was inaugurated by the chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan in Ernakulam, Kerala. The six-month long media festival is organized by the kerala media Academy in collaboration with various media houses.

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