Dark Pattern: What is dark pattern style? You must have also become its victim, now the government has banned it

Do you know what dark pattern style is? If not, then today we will tell you about it. Even if you do not know its meaning, you must have been its victim. Know how?

What is Dark Pattern? 

The government of india has taken a big step to protect customers from the fallacy of dark pattern style. The government has banned dark pattern style for e-commerce platforms. On november 30, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) issued a notification issuing "Guidelines for Prevention and Regulation of Dark Patterns. The new guidelines apply to all platforms, advertisers, and sellers offering goods and services in India. Today in this article we will tell you what dark pattern style is and how you will get trapped in it.

What is dark pattern style?

In dark pattern style, e-commerce companies or advertisers force you to buy the product or service in different ways. What happens in this is that you buy unnecessary items for yourself even without wanting to. For example, you had to buy a phone and because of its dark pattern style, you bought the cover, screen guard, guarantee extension, etc. everything for it together. In dark patterns, companies create false urgency. You will be told that the stock of a particular item is about to end so that you can buy it soon. Apart from this, only 2 and 4 items left are also used.

Targeting is done through basket sneaking and forced action

We are sure that you too must have fallen prey to this type of dark pattern scam. Companies also used to target you through basket sneaking. In this type of dark pattern, additional products, and services are added to the basket or cart of the users without their consent at the time of checkout resulting in a higher total amount payable. Another dark pattern style is the use of forced action in which users are forced to take an action that requires them to purchase additional goods, subscribe to an unrelated service, or use personal information to purchase or subscribe to that product or service. Are forced to share information. After this, the users can buy their main product. What happens in this is that the items which are not to be purchased also come to us.

Well, now the government has banned the dark pattern style and now companies will not be able to manipulate you and sell goods.

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