These are the 3 reasons that make microsoft Edge browser better than google Chrome.

In this article, we are going to tell you how the microsoft Edge browser is better than Google's Chrome web browser. The market share of Google's web browser is around 65%.

Microsoft Edge vs google Chrome

Today, if we want to search for anything, we all use google Browser. Be it mobile or laptop, we give more priority to Google's web browser. Google's web browser is famous all over the world and its market share is around 65%. Although in many cases Google's web browser is better than other web browsers present in the market, in some cases it is not that much better. In this article, we are going to tell you those 3 reasons that make microsoft Edge browser better than google Chrome. If you like your privacy, then you can use microsoft Edge browser because it automatically blocks third-party cookies and trackers so that websites and advertisers cannot collect your data.

These are those 3 reasons

Enhanced Privacy and Security: Microsoft's web browser is known for its enhanced privacy and security. Compared to other browsers, this web browser automatically blocks third-party cookies and trackers, due to which websites and advertisers are not able to collect your data. It also has a built-in tracker prevention feature which you can customize.

Apart from this, Edge also has many security features that protect you from online threats. It includes microsoft Defender SmartScreen which helps in blocking phishing and malware websites. Additionally, there is InPrivate Browsing which prevents your browsing history, cookies, and temporary files from being saved on your computer. This web browser also has a site isolation feature that isolates each website you visit in its process, which helps prevent malicious websites from accessing your other data.

User-friendly browser

Compared to google Chrome web browser, microsoft Edge browser provides you with a better user experience. In this you get the facility to view tabs vertically, reading mode, reading aloud, and other useful features. Like google Chrome, here also you get the facility of different types of extensions.

Integration with Windows

Just as the google Chrome browser provides you with smooth integration with the google digital ecosystem, the Edge browser is the default browser for Windows 10 and 11 and is well integrated with this operating system. These integrations allow you to sign in to websites using your Windows credentials, access your microsoft Edge browsing history and favorites from any Windows device, and use Cortana to control Edge hands-free.

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