Vijayashanti, a former actress who is currently running for office, made some questionable remarks about the just-released Rana Naidu web series by venkatesh and Rana. It is obvious that the show has received criticism for its excessively pornographic material. However, some believe that Vijayashanti's success as an actress is due to the telugu film business and the backing of big-name actors like Venkatesh. But since she entered politics, she has denigrated virtually every one of her former co-stars because they were or are currently involved in politics.

She has now voiced alarm over a recently released web series's material. Even though she didn't identify it, she believed that such shows should be censored and that the government needed to take action to stop streaming services from broadcasting offensive and inane content.

Vijayashanti could try to revitalize her flagging career by making pertinent remarks on the current political concerns and remaining involved in political affairs rather than focusing on entertainment shows, even though what she says might not be entirely incorrect. Furthermore, rather than helping her political career, comments of this nature will hurt it. Her analysis of events in the entertainment sector is not interesting to the public. She should concentrate on politics rather than the business world!

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