New series 'Ishq Vishk', we are going to tell you about the love story that has traveled from friendship to marriage. The special thing about this love story is that it rests on the foundation of love even after 37 years of marriage. Yes, you recognized it right, today we are going to tell you the love story of actor anupam kher and actress Kirron.
It is the year 1980. kiran had come to mumbai to look for work in films. Along with work, he also found true love in the metropolis. kirron kher and business man gautam Berry, got married after dating each other for some time. After a few years of marriage, kiran gave birth to a son, Sikandar. For the people, the pairing of kirron kher and gautam Berry was no less than an ideal. However, soon after the marriage, there was a rift in their relationship.

During this, Kirron and anupam kher first met in Chandigarh. Both used to be part of the same theater and were close friends of each other. But till that time the relationship of both did not even wander around love. Yes, but both were very close to each other. There was nothing between kiran and Anupam, which both did not know.It is said that kirron kher had mentioned her troubles to Anupam. She had told the actor that she is now staying away and unhappy with Gautam. If reports are to be believed, there was something between kiran and gautam that was troubling them. But they did not understand. On the other hand, anupam kher also wanted to be free from the bondage of marriage.

However, both kiran and Anupam struggled in their respective marriages to continue doing theatre. And then the day came when both of them felt love for the first time. It is said that when kiran and Anupam went to kolkata to play, something happened in their hearts seeing each other.
During an interview, kirron kher herself had told about this anecdote. He had said, 'Anupam looked a little different then. He had shaved his head for a film. When he started leaving me till the room, both of them felt something. Anupam stopped walking and started looking back at me. There was something special in that moment that both of us felt.
However, Anupam was the first to express his love. It is said that one day Anupam came to Kiran's house and said that he wanted to talk to her. When kiran opened the door Anupam said, 'I think I have fallen in love with you.' Just then what... kiran also realized that there was love somewhere in this friendship of so many years.

It was only after this that kiran divorced her husband and Anupam divorced his wife. Shortly after separating from their life partner, both of them got married. Anupam gave his name to Sikandar, the child from Kiran's first marriage. Very few people know that Sikandar is not Anupam's son. Please tell that kiran and Anupam do not have any children of their own.

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