A gold ornament and a gold plate were found today in the ongoing excavation at Vembakottai near Chatur in Virudhunagar district. Vembakkottai Vijaya Karisalkulam is located on the northern bank of the Vaipar River. It is a settlement area archaeological mound dating from the iron Age to the Early Historic Period. The archaeological mound is spread over an area of 25 acres. A total of 16 excavation pits have been dug in the habitat area.

3,254 artifacts have been found so far in the excavation. Artifacts such as glass, beads, flint playthings, dice, talismans, bells, earrings, wheels, weight stones, seals, bulls, flint figures, flint round chips, conch bangles, decorated conch bangles, Conch Bells, copper Coins, iron Articles, gold Jewelry, Stone Axes, copper Articles, Glass Bangles, Stone Balls, Flint Balls, Grinding, Polishing, Flint Molds, Flint Smokers, Flint Toys and ivory medallions, etc. have been found.

Various types of artefacts including conch bangles and flintware are being found during the 2nd phase of survey work which is currently underway. In that line, today gold bullion and gold plate are found at 2 grams each. people of the area who know about the discovery of the gold plate and the gold bar gather in large numbers to visit.

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