Assembly Result: How will the results are going to be...?

It is not uncommon for fights to break out between two neighboring states. Votes have begun to be counted in parliamentary elections in four states, and there is great excitement. Enumeration will be carried out at 52 district centers in Madhya Pradesh. election officials have made all possible preparations for this. He said 2,533 candidates from across the state are participating in the contest and expectations are high to see who will win.

Opinion polls released so far suggest that the bjp is likely to win. Additionally, some exit polls suggest a parliamentary victory is likely. chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan expressed his confidence that the party will form the government for the second time. However, madhya pradesh PCC president kamal nath said  people were heading towards the Congress. However, the magic number is likely to be 116 as the total number of seats in madhya pradesh  assembly is 230. In the 2018 parliamentary elections, the indian congress won 114 seats, while the bharatiya janata party won only 109 seats. It is known that the bjp later came to power through camp politics. Everyone is watching to see what kind of results we will get this time.

As far as chhattisgarh is concerned, 33 district centers have  completed preparations for the counting process. The election commission announced that 90 returning officers, 416 acting returning officers and 1,698 micro-observers have been appointed to ensure smooth counting. There is a fierce competition between the bjp and congress for 1,181 candidates across the state. The congress is currently in power, but the state's chief minister  Bhupesh Bagal is said to be confident of its return to power. Former bharatiya janata party Prime minister Raman Singh has expressed his confidence that the people are ready to overthrow the congress and that a bharatiya janata party government will be next. The total number of seats here is 90, and the magic number to win government is 46. In 2018, the congress won 71 seats and the bharatiya janata party won 14 seats. congress appears to have done a clean job. Let's look forward to seeing what the results will be this time.

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