Andhra Pradesh has experienced severe repercussions from Cyclone Michuang , leading to substantial agricultural losses across the state, notably in Alluri district. In response to the challenges faced by farmers, the state government has launched initiatives to aid those affected. The focus is on meticulously documenting crop loss details, intending to provide farmers with essential benefits such as crop insurance and input subsidies.

Concurrently, the central government has extended relief to andhra pradesh and tamil Nadu, both heavily impacted by the cyclone. prime minister Narendra Modi directed the prompt release of the second tranche of financial assistance from the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF). The Union home Ministry, overseen by the National Disaster Management Department, has given the nod to proposals, allocating Rs. 493.60 crores for andhra pradesh and Rs. 450 crores for tamil Nadu.

Home minister Amit Shah, acknowledging the severity of Cyclone Michuang's impact on both states, assured that the central government is unwaveringly supporting them during this critical juncture. He emphasized the commitment to restoring normalcy swiftly and extended heartfelt prayers for the safety and well-being of the affected populace.

 Cyclone Michuang inflicted considerable damage in andhra pradesh, affecting roads, toppling trees, and resulting in casualties among livestock. Approximately 40 lakh people from 194 villages and two towns have endured the brunt of the cyclone's effects.

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