Nani not only performed admirably for dasara, but also aggressively pushed it. He had been claiming that he went ahead with the narration because he enjoyed it right away. dasara is a relatively simple tale with more feelings than complications. With his outstanding performances, nani, Keerthy Suresh, and Deekshith Shetty were able to keep the audience's enthusiasm strong. So, we would say, the movie is good, but not worth they hype given by nani in his interviews.

More of the friendship between nani and dharani is featured in the first part of the film, which develops its premise. Most of the time in the first half until the pre-interval, the speed slows down. The plot advances, but there are times when it seems to meander. Pre-interval block's unexpected twist is a shot that is certain to have an effect. With the chase and the murders before the intermission, the captivating graph that descended with the love failure song resumes its shape. The half-time break prepares the proper setting for the second half.

Due to the absence of censor edits, the audience in the US could experience the film in its entirety. There are lows and highs specific to the second half. The majority of the time, the feelings dominate the plot twists. It's promising to see a Dasara-like movie from a fresh director.

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