Jayaprakash told the story of coming to the cinema - medical shop, petrol station work, dairy farm.

He fits into any character given. He also appeared in special appearances. Actor and producer Jayaprakash has won a place in people's hearts with his excellent characters, let it be a chokkalingam, let it be a judo doctor, let it be a prakasam, let it be a father, let it be a farmer. He was born on 14th june 1962 in Sirkazhi, a village near Mayiladuthurai.

He studied at PUC mayiladuthurai by train from the village. Due to not wanting to study further, he stopped his studies and first got a job in a medical shop. He has two sons Niranjan and Dushyant. Due to his insatiable interest, he came to chennai from Sirkazhi and was working in a medical shop, then his cousin got a job at a petrol station, and his circle of friends grew due to the habit of friends there. Due to his perseverance, he started a petrol station with the help of friends and family.

Then he started 3 petrol stations in Chennai. Today, if he started a dairy farm, he used to raise 200 cows, but due to some losses, he closed the farm. He first dubbed the tamil blockbuster Sisinri starring telugu Superstar nagarjuna in 1995 and produced a film titled Chutti Chidda. Following this, he has done his work as a producer and co-producer in more than 50 films till now. He is a great man who has given hit films as a producer and co-producer of the best films in his style.

His first film was 1995's Thondan where he played an unenhanced role played by actor Murali. For the first time in 1997, Jayaprakash was the producer of director and actor Cheran's film Ponkekasam. Because of the friendship formed through the film, he is known to everyone as the best character in the movie Mayakannadi released in 2007.

After his success in the film, he next appeared in the 2009 film Basanga as Chokkalingam Vathiyar, a well-known and popular character. In the same year, he gave an excellent performance in Nadodithi.

Following this, he gave an excellent performance as prakasam Abba in Naan Mahaan Alla. The farmer won the hearts of the people and showed his amazing performance as a farmer in the movie Padmini. Till now he has acted in more than 160 tamil and telugu films in the best roles.

80 percent of the films he has acted in are hits, and the character he has played is a name-calling character. He has acted in two X-series. Did Akshay Kumar, who played the villain in Superstar Rajinikanth's Enthiran 2.0, give him dubbing?

He has won several awards for his acting power and amazing talent like the Filmfare Award 2010 Best Supporting Actor and the Vijay Awards for Best Supporting Actor and the Man Treat international Film festival Best Supporting Actor Merit Award for Best Character of Actor.

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