Accordingly a team of doctors at AIIMS rishikesh declared them clinically fit to travel on Thursday, and the workers will soon be leaving the hospital to go to their respective states. Briefing the media on their health condition, Dr Ravikant said the workers were thoroughly examined and their blood test, X-ray and ECG reports were normal. “They are physically normal and clinically stable. We have given them clearance to return home,” he said.

The doctor said as the workers have come out of a tunnel after 17 days, they might need acclimatization. They have been advised to go to the nearest hospital after two weeks for a check-up. Officials from different states are facilitating their return to their home states. workers rescued from Silkyara Tunnel have been discharged from the hospital today and are leaving for their home states.Officials from various states have reached here to facilitate their return to their home states. According to news agency jharkhand nodal officer Bhuvnesh said 15 workers from the state will be taken to ranchi by air. “We are taking all of them on an aeroplane. There are 15 workers… First, we will go to delhi and then to Ranchi. We will be staying at jharkhand Bhawan in Delhi. All the workers are doing well…” he said.

Bihar labour enforcement officer Saurabh suman also told ANI that five labourers from the state will be going to delhi by road, from where they will be put on a flight to Patna. “Five labourers from bihar are here. We are sending them to delhi today via bus and tomorrow morning they will be sent to bihar via flight…” he added. All rescued workers were airlifted to AIIMS rishikesh on wednesday (November 29), where they were kept under medical observation. They underwent radiology and cardiology tests. Immediately after their evacuation, the workers were first taken to the community health centre in Chinyalisaur from where they were flown in a Chinook helicopter to Rishikesh.

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