According to the police, the police have approached the robber in the coimbatore Jose Alukas jewelery shop robbery case, and his wife was fully involved in the incident. coimbatore Commissioner of police Balakrishnan spoke to the media regarding the investigation conducted by the police so far regarding the robbery incident at Jose Alukas jewelery shop on 100 feet road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. He then said that five separate teams have been set up under the leadership of Deputy Commissioners Sandish and Shanmugam to investigate the robbery of Jose Alukkas Jewellery.

The person involved in the crime has been identified as Vijay. But he has not been arrested yet. Vijay's wife Narmada has a major share in this booty. Three kilos of jewelery have been recovered from Vijay's wife who was robbed while a complaint has been lodged against the jewelery shop that silver, gold and diamonds have been stolen. If Vijay is arrested, the rest of the jewels will also be recovered. Vijay also has three cases against him namely two cases of theft in Arur Companyllur police station and one case of theft in RS Puram, Coimbatore. His wife Narmada was fully complicit in this robbery. An investigation is underway based on forensic techniques.

Till now there is no case against Vijay's wife Narmada. All warning alarms in the shop are on for three to four days as the building works. police are trying to install high-tech cameras all over Coimbatore. So far the robber Vijay had only stolen money, but now he has stolen jewellery. When he went to catch Vijay in Arur of Dharmapuri district, he split the hole of the house and escaped through it. So far, Vijay has stolen only 40 thousand rupees, but now he has stolen jewels worth crores. He also said that he was close to Vijay and wanted to arrest him quickly. It is also noted that the total stolen jewelery is 4 kg 600 grams.

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