The last rites of Karni Sena president Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi will be performed on thursday in his native

village Gogamedi. In this regard, Karni Sena National Convenor Ajit Singh Mandoli said that post-mortem is not

done after sunset but it can be done in special conditions. This matter has been discussed with the Collector. Post

mortem will be done. He said that the cremation will take place tomorrow in his native village Gogamedi.

On Wednesday, under the leadership of jaipur police Commissioner Biju George, a meeting was held on behalf of

the family with local MLAs and leaders of all societies. In this meeting, considering several demands of Sukhdev

Singh's family, consent was given to them. In the meeting, it was agreed to conduct the post-mortem of Rajput

Karni Sena President Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi. However, when will the post mortem take place? This has not

been decided yet. The time of post mortem has to be decided by the collector. The cremation of Sukhdev Singh

Gogamedi will take place tomorrow in Gogamedi.

In the meeting, the protesters outside the hospital have been asked to end their protest. On which local leaders say

that the committee will take the decision to end the protest. Now the discussion will take place in the committee

formed by the protesters. It has also been agreed to provide security to Sukhdev Singh's family. Apart from this,

agreement has also been reached on giving arms license. Security will be provided to the family of Rajput Karni

Sena President Sukhdev Singh Gogamedi. Some demands of the family have been accepted.

Manoj Nyangali has informed the people sitting on the dharna about all the demands, which has been accepted by

the administration. He has informed that an FIR has been registered in the matter. The police have identified the

shooters. The police is close to them and will catch them soon.

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