This Roadies 19 contestant took off her clothes for money, said on the stripping video, 'I am ashamed'
Splitsvilla fame contestant Bhoomika Vashisht has recently revealed about her viral stripping video.
Splitsvilla fame contestant Bhoomika Vashisht will soon be seen in Roadies 19. After the end of the Splitsvilla show, she was in a lot of discussion about her stripping video. His video was leaked on the Internet, due to which he had to face heavy criticism. At the same time, recently he has disclosed about this viral stripping video of his.
Actually, bhumika Vashisht was recently seen in the audition of Roadies. During this, he has shared about some important parts related to his life. Along with this, she also told how she moved forward from this and what happened to her. He has talked about his viral stripping video. She told that she feels better and more confident with the change in her look. bhumika told about that bitter truth of her life and said that she wants to be an example for other girls. She wants to be an example for every girl.

She told that she belongs to a conservative family, who prefers to stay away from entertainment. She told that she was stubborn from the beginning, due to which she reached Splitsvilla. However, after this show, she has also gone through a bad phase. From which it has taken them a long time to come out.
Bhumika further told that not intentionally, but she did some videos in which she was kissing another girl, taking off her clothes. He told that he had done those videos to become famous. He thought that he would get some money from those videos and today he feels bad that he did those videos for money. He said that he thought these videos would remain private, but they went viral. Due to these videos, his family members were very angry and their relationship also deteriorated. At the same time, she had also lost her confidence. After listening to Bhumika's story, the judge of Roadies supported her and at the same time actor sonu sood promised that he would get that application banned.

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