Jackpot for 90's kids... Shaktimaan is coming back..!?

Shaktimaan, the most popular serial among 90's kids, is soon to be made into a movie. It has been reported that the film team is planning to make the film with a big budget. 90's kid's superhero Shaktiman is back to terrorize. The Shaktiman series is still popular among fans. In 2020, when the city was put under curfew due to the spread of Corona, all cinema and small-screen shootings were stopped. At that time, the television serial 'Shaktiman' was being re-broadcasted. Shaktimaan serial also hit the DRP on reruns.
The series, which has a rabid fan following, is now ready to be made into a movie. Many of India's most beloved serials have been made into films and received global acclaim. It is also said that one of the popular superstars of india is going to play the hero in this film. An announcement of his identity is expected soon. From 1997 to 2005, this bollywood series was telecasted on Doordarshan (Tamil package) and was produced by actor mukesh khanna who also acted as Shaktimaan. After Shaktiman was made into Hindi, it was dubbed and released in various indian languages. mukesh khanna had earlier announced that the series is going to be made into a movie. The video of the film has already been released. But due to reasons like Corona, the work of the film got delayed.
300 crore budget!

Currently, mukesh khanna has informed that an agreement has been signed to make the 'Shaktiman' series into a movie with a budget of Rs 200 crore to Rs 300 crore. The Shaktiman serial is said to be the longest-running serial on Doordarshan television. The series had lakhs of fans. Although it is a children's series, adults also found this series with interest. Later, with shows like Power Rangers and Mystic Force, the series went unnoticed by many. However, the series remains a vivid memory in the minds of 90s kids even today.

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